New Merchandise

Ashleigh, Trish and I have been working overtime to come up with new fun designs for you gals and guys to love! Check out our new merchandise, and old favorites.

Issue 4 – Ashley Webb and more

We are putting issue #4 to the printer, and are really excited about it! Issue 4 features Ashley Webb and her Roadster, a Rock and Roll Sportster rider, Lawnmower racers, and a SWEET paint tech! Can’t wait for you all to see it! 🙂


Hunnert After Party!

The afterparty was a freaking BLAST!!! We rode back to the hotel 20 miles in the rumble seat of Larry’s ’32 AV8 Roadster. Although it was a bit chilly, Ash and I sang a TON of our own versions of classic songs to forget about the frigid wind. The Honeybees were fantastic, and we can’t wait to see them again!

New Site

Thank you Throttle Gals fans for waiting for us! It is never fun when you have malicious people with nothing better to do than to hack into your server. We believe we have resolved the issues, and hope to see all of your new posts and comments to us!

Thanks for your patience,
Doni and Trish