The Other Head Chick in Charge – Trish Horstman

Latricia “Trish” Horstman has been lucky to grow up with a lot of experiences. Her father is an artist, musician, and motorcycle mechanic, and her mom is a homemaker with an unmatched work ethic. Making art and wrenching on things were all she’s ever known! She went on to art school where she received her BFA in painting – but still loves busting her knuckles working on her bikes (’72 Ironheadand ’90 FXR), car (’85 Mustang), or truck (’66 F100).

She and Doni met when she was working as the marketing director for Baker Drivetrain. They instantly hit it off over their mutual love for motorcycles – specifically Ironheads!! In 2008 she opened her own tattoo shop, My Little Needle Tattoos, in Plymouth, Mi. With all these irons in the fire, she’s able to keep her passion for the artistic, mechanical, and humanities alive! Plus working with Throttle Gals is the perfect job – working with your best friend covering stories of amazing ladies!

In her free time, you’ll find Trish hanging out with her family, her husband Evan, and being a cat lady drooling over anything fast, rusty, or bizarre. ”

To contact Trish: [email protected]