2024 Autorama Fun To-Do List

2024 Autorama Fun To-Do List

If you are reading this on the weekend of Autorama, you’ve likely picked it up at our booth, so I will spare you the details of where to find us. Though I guess we are in the Basement if you have been given this by a friend who picked it up on Thursday or Friday. This is an essential statement because Autorama is a vast show. The basement is big but completely manageable. And honestly, it should be on your DO NOT MISS list—the whole basement. The cars down here are typically garage-built with profound pride. Don’t take my word for it; walk around and look. You will see people hanging out on the beds of their trucks and vans, allowing kids to sit inside the vehicles while sporting exceptional engineering and, sometimes, despite the rumors, some impressive paint jobs! (Note to our subscribers: the Basement is known for ‘traditional rods,’ which often bring to mind primer paint jobs.But note, there are amazing paint jobs on these vehicles!)

Down here in the basement, you will find the Pin-up girls. This is an event that I love and hate at the same time. The girls look fabulous, and it’s an extraordinarily well-done contest, but when that event occurs, our booth is dead! So, if you don’t like pinup girls, visit us – this may be the only time that we have time to chit-chat. The pinup competition is on Saturday at 5 pm. 

Because I am trying to entertain the hell out of you, come back to the basement for a moment and visit with the Singlefinger guys and enjoy the bands. I have not seen the final listing of the talent, but I fully expect to see the Twistin Tarantulas rockin’ out on the main stage, providing my favorite soundtrack to the show. They have a song called “Pink Cadillac” (which has no resemblance to the one you are likely thinking of), and you’ll never miss me dancing around the booth when that song comes on! When it comes to music, DJ Del Villareal will be spinning tunes through the weekend between sets, bands, and other interruptions. 

Naturally, as a long-time vendor, I know where the other vendors are and who you MUST stop and see! The first vendor is a known staple of the show, Speedcult. You will find almost anything you can imagine cut out of steel, including some vintage orphan favorites like Pontiac. Luna’s  is parked right across from the Throttle Gals area, and Terina will be there to give you a hard time and beat you up if you try anything in her area. Well, I mean like stealing. She may have candy for you behind the counter if you are a fun person. You will find everything from gorgeous vintage wear to funny socks and inappropriate jewelry here. Much of my attire for the show comes from her, so if you like my look – go to her space and buy some cool stuff!

Along the back wall of the basement, you will find some of the most talented individuals to grace our earth, showcasing and selling their artwork. You will likely encounter Dion and his phenomenal metal art, Thom Metz, Weesner, man, the list just goes on! And then there is Brother’s Customs. They are at the bottom of the escalators with a big neon sign on the wall sporting their name. Again, they are super friendly people with mad talent. Do you see the trend?

Outside of that, here are some things that are going on, along with some commentary from us at Throttle Gals. Apparently, there is a show upstairs, too, with some things to check out. A notable target to zero in on is the Great 8 cars. Out of these will come the Riddler, and it’s always fun to try to guess which phenomenal build will win the big prize. 

Also upstairs is the Pinstripers Charity Auction. This is a fun event where you can watch art being made and buy cool stuff to decorate your world! The money benefits the Leader Dogs program. It’s seriously a win-win. You get cool stuff, and people in need get needed services. 

Did I mention the Batmobile? The show features ‘5 Generations From Gotham City’, and it looks like it will be a super cool showing of our DC Comic superhero. Also, from our youth, there is a tribute to Evel Knievel. I’m looking forward to seeing the contraptions that he made history with! 

While Meguiar’s promotes its Car Care Tips, you should check in with my friends at Jax Wax. You can find them back by the inside escalator to the basement, where they put a lot of the celebrity meet and greets. They aren’t paying for this push; their products sell themselves, and you cannot deal with more likable or knowledgeable folks. And if you see my car around, it is usually detailed with the Jax Wax products. If she’s dirty, ignore that; I must have driven it in the rain again.  If it looks sharp, that is my go-to product line. If you see my friends, Mike and Jerry, tell them Doni sent ya! They may give you a few extra grins. And last but not least is the D Lot. Our friend Murray Pfaff started this so long ago that I don’t even remember an Autorama without it. The D Lot features some great rides and is on a mission for charity. Benefitting the Make-A-Wish foundation, there is a huge fundraiser with so many items I can’t begin to list them… Ok, here are a few items: A tour of the CRC, home of the bubble cars (I have seen these; it’s a great experience), Detailing products, Kicker Sounds, and Forgeline Wheel products… The list goes on. Stroll through the lot, take a chance on the raffle, and support a fantastic cause. Questions? The folks who staff The D Lot tend to be highly knowledgeable. 

If, for some reason, you don’t read this until after Autorama 2024 in Detroit, many of the things to do and see will be there in 2025 as well. Make this a destination even if you’re not local because it’s worth it! See you in the basement!