Product Review: This Vacuum Doesn’t Suck!

Product Review: This Vacuum Doesn’t Suck!

By: Doni Langdon

When my kids (whether Scouts, robotics or biological) are trying to achieve a task, I always try to convey the KISS principle. Keeping it simple is often the best way to achieve a goal, so I was a little surprised at myself for thinking this little tool was going to disappoint me. It’s a ‘vacuum’. It doesn’t need batteries. It doesn’t plug into a cigarette lighter. It is a simple concept that worked for years in all of the carpet sweepers our grandparents had. I am still not entirely sure why we let that concept slip away for much more complex versions, especially after using this gem. 

I am not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t the little lightweight spinning brush concept that I found in the box. I actually rolled my eyes and said, ok. Let’s see what this will do within this disaster. Let me back up and tell you about the ‘disaster’. 

I ended up picking up a sweet little 2005 Jeep Liberty, with 255k miles. Although it was relatively clean when I took possession, my 5 year old and his love for mud quickly took care of that. I haven’t picked up floor mats for it yet, and as you can see from the photos, the carpet was pretty trashed. In communication with the company, I was told “this is a product you would use not to deep clean the inside of your car, as for that you would have your car cleaned and washed normally at the Car Wash.  This product is to be kept in the car for after it has been vacuumed, should you spill something onto the floor accidentally or get pet hairs on the seats, or walk-in some mud onto the mats, or leaves onto the mats, etc AFTER having the car cleaned and vacuumed – so as to keep the car clean for longer. 

 There’s nothing more annoying if you’re car proud after it’s been cleaned then some dirt gets into it an hour later.  The Car Crac Vac solves that problem. I keep one in my car, ‘cup holder’ so it is handy all the time.”

Needless to say, I had very little confidence in this concept, to begin with, so I just decided to see what it could do for my trashed out floor. Go big or go home right? The photos were taken with about 30 seconds of moving the Car Crac Vac back and forth. I was amazed… though I really shouldn’t have been. This is exactly what we should be using for this problem. And it now lives in my glove box because I am a bit anal and like a clean car. This makes it extremely easy to do so. 

You can buy this item on Amazon, but the reviews are irritating. Read what I wrote and understand its function. And you’ll freaking love it. And when you buy one, leave them some love for their simple design and function. 

Carpet before using the Car Crac Vac
Same carpet after about 30 seconds of using the Vac
This is the business side of the Vac. Literally just go back and forth across the carpet to pick up dirt.

*Disclaimer: I have never been paid for a review. If I am lukewarm about an item, I’ll tell you. If I love it, I’ll tell you. If I hate it, I will likely not publish the review, as it wastes space, unless there is a specific reason to share with you a problem. So I love this product enough that I am telling you to buy one, with nothing coming back to me. You’re welcome.