Camo Cars…

Camo Cars…

Hi, my name is Doni, and I’m a gear head. I am a bit crazy about motorized vehicles in general, but especially when I see one of those ‘camoflauged’ cars. You know the ones.. Wrapped in crazy stripes and the drivers drive weird so you can’t check them out too closely.  I’ve been catching glimpses of them around the M59 corridor lately, and it had me thinking: how much fun would it be to just camo wrap your daily driver?

Think about it. Get your Cavalier (or any other normal car), and wrap it all up in funky black and white swirly designs. Maybe for fun glue some weird shaped foam to your bumper first to make it look like you’re hiding something. Then drive like a weirdo. People will think you are some special person ‘allowed’ to test drive prototypes. And any erratic movements will be assumed that you are trying to shake off people looking too close.

And all that body work damage or rust you have to deal with will be totally hidden. Actually, put a bit of foam in those areas to block it out, perhaps to ‘hide’ experimental design elements of your vehicle. And poof- you have a really cool car. No matter what you drive.

*this is written in satire form, however if you choose to do this, send us pics!